Lumina Technologies Selected Abstracts in Archaeology/History

Archaeology and History of Calcot Manor, Oxfordshire, England, C. Michael Hogan and Amy Gregory, June 19, 2006.  Analysis was conducted of the Calcot Abbey property from Romano-Briton times to the present.  The founding of this annex of the Kingswood Abbey was established to be circa 1300 AD, and additions to the abbey property and its history through the Late Middle Ages is documented.  Emphasis is placed upon events of the Roman occupation period and interpretation of carved stonework on site of Roman legionnaires.  Further attention is given to investigation of detailed uses of the property in medieval times during the Cistercian monastic period.

Prehistorical Analysis of Rock Paintings from the Mesolithic Era, Lapalala Wilderness, Waterberg Massif, Limpopo Province, South Africa, C. Michael Hogan and Mark Cooke.  May 11, 2006. From on site analysis and literature reviews, interpretations are made of the age and significance of rock paintings on cliffs above the Palala River.  The paintings have been well preserved due to difficult access, gained only by descent on nearly vertical cliffs, and also from the nature of the rock overhangs.  One set of paintings is deduced to be at an ancient ceremonial location of indigeneous tribes.  Many of the paintings emphasised certain animals which were apparently subjects of the prehistoric hunting pattern of these peoples.

Prehistory of the Alby People, Öland, Sweden, July 9, 2006, C. Michael Hogan.  Mesolithic settlement of the southeast coast of the island of Öland was investigated through on site studies as well as archival data.  Particular attention was given to the migration from hunter-gatherer peoples from the mainland, who traversed the ice bridge across the Kalmar Strait during the melt cycle of the previous ice age.   From the excavations at the northwest of the present village of Alby, remains of the 6000 BC wooden huts and other artefacts elucidate the lifestyles of the earliest inhabitants.  Further work was performed through site studies of nearby gravefields south of Alby and at nearby Hulterstad, to understand the Bronze Age and Viking era burial patterns.

History of Muchalls Castle, Kincardineshire, Scotland, C.Michael Hogan,  Sigvard Richardson. And Peter Graves.  December 9, 2004.  Analysis was conducted from on site excavation and review of available historical resources to produce a comprehensive property history tracing from the Clan Fraser towerhouse structure circa 1350 to the Burnett of Leys 1619 reconstruction; further, the role of the property was documented in the Covenanters battles during the Bishops Wars. More modern history of ownership and use during Victorian times is also portrayed including the circa 1840 Victorian wing addition.  An historical garden analysis was conducted to determine that the present garden scheme is essentially the walled and terraced design from the early seventeenth century.  Other listed structures on site are also addressed: dovecot, stone stables and Victorian cottage.

Best Foods Manufacturing Plant, 1900 Bryant Street, San Francisco, California, USA, C. Michael Hogan and Heather McKee. January 16, 1995.  The historical aspects of site development and early use of this large food processing plant was analyzed using archival sources and extensive on site excavation and building remnant analysis.  Methodology employed emphasiized the industrial process detail including boiler configurations, process pipage and other manufacturing infrastructure.  The study prepared for the city of San Francisco and property owner in order to produce a relevant site redevelopment plan, conserving the entire building structure and providing insights to toxic mitigation required to address prior chemicals on site.

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